Hi All,

My first post!

OK, so I have only been using KiCad only a few days but I'm getting the hang of 

I've done my Schematic layout fine, no errors there.

I've mapped my netlist to my modules, all great.

I've even laid out my PCB, roughly.

I'm getting a problem with a module i imported from Eagle, its a TO66 package 
power transistor. It all looks fine, in the layout, I had to add pads to it, 
in the PCB layout program I can not connect any tracks to it, although the 
ratsnest indicates its connected and all looks fine there. 

I'm wondering if I've not got some thing set wrong in the module its self but 
I've no idea what.

And I've attached the .emp file of the exported TO66 for you take a peek at, 
maybe that will help.

Alternately maybe some one has one?

any help much appreciated.

All the best


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