> Many PCB packages produce piecewise, or chordic, approximations for
> arcs, especially for the Gerber output, even though the Gerber
> language itself does support true arcs with the G02, G03 and G75
> codes and always has done. Many use 16chords/360deg, although some
> are programmable. Although it doesn't necessarily look that pretty at
> this level, the 1/16 chordic approximation only results in a maximum
> error of -0.64%, and would be acceptable for most applications.

For flexi-PCBS you need (so I'm told) true arcs; piecewise linear arcs 
are not acceptable.   Eagle plots true arcs (I checked the Gerbers).

> This kind of (code) work usually entails much more than it appears at
> first, and no - I don't really have time. But that doesn't always
> stop us, does it? :-)

Heh.   In that case I look forward to true copper arcs produced by kicad.

I've just discovered (by accident) that ctrl-shift-enter does something 
very strange in Thunderbird, something which involves displaying a 
dialog box for about 50ms, so this post might turn up in the list more 
than once.   Or I might have saved the original in /dev/null.


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