bear in mind that I am still using the 2009 version so file locations
make have changed...

under the kicad tree thee is a template directory, in there you will find

Unfortunately in my sytsem I also have a in share/template this
may be a left-over from a previous install. So I am not 100% sure which
one you need to edit.

Open up just as you would with any other project, then add
whatever libs you need and resave as

This should then become the default settings for any new project.

The libs are cached (in the case of eeschema) into the project, and
modules are included into the PCBnew file so that the project is
independent of any external libs. This can be a bit of a life saver if
you overwrite your libs/modules with an update, which is why you should
maintain your own libs elsewhere :-)

Remember that the kicad files are simple text files, so if you open up
the .pro, .sch, .brd files you can see exactly what the settings are.



On Wed, 25 Aug 2010 20:48:52 -0000
"philippederenne" <> wrote:

> Hi,
> I've been using Eagle for years, but I think Kicad is a great product, so I'm 
> trying to switch to it. However, I've got a question...
> In Kicad, the libraries and the paths to find those libraries seem to be 
> linked individualy to each project.
> Is there a way to define default libraries and paths, to avoid redefining the 
> same things over and over for each and every new project ?
> Thank you for your help !
> Phil.
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