Thank you for the nice trick of the “bash –i”. I will also try to strace the 
For the moment, the problem is solved by kill the faulty daemon in the 
kickstart. But I would like to be able to understand what kind of bad things 
the daemon does.


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Objet : Re: Kickstart hangs on at the end of postinstall

Can you use "ps" to see what process is stuck? Strace it and see why it is 
stuck exactly?
What happens if you run the rpm command after install at first boot?
I love using bash -i at post stage and debug my script... Try running the 
command and see what is the output, whats getting in your way.
Also as a workaround, if you can hunt down the nutty pid that, you can kill it 
in post stage, and hopefully anaconda will finish.


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On 30 בספט׳ 2016, at 15:47, Jacquet Romain 
<<>> wrote:
Hi Andrew,
    Thank you very much for answer. Yes, I’m logging the post-install with 
“%post --logfile /var/log/ks-post.log”. When the installer is stuck I can see 
the ouput in /mnt/sysimage/var/log/ks-post.log. The extract looks like:
    […] // very long stuff
     rpm –Uv my-daemon-ftp.rpm // faulty RPM
     […] // very long stuff again
    End of postinstallation // echo at the end the installation

  So the daemon installation does not stop the post-installation. Another 
workaround is to stop the daemon just after the update in the kickstart file. 
So it is like anaconda cannot restart with the daemon running. Do you have 
another idea? Is it possible to have a more detailed log of anaconda?

  Best regards.

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are you logging the post section that you're installing it in?  Assuming you're 
seeing the logs/output and this is the last message, it's probably not hanging 
on that RPM.  It's probably hanging on the next command in the post section, 
which hasn't been printed out yet.  comment out the RPM install  portion and 
see what's hanging.  If it is indeed hanging on the rpm, then there's probably 
an issue with one of the scriptlets in the rpm spec file.  The were likely be a 
log of that somewhere under /tmp or /var/log/anaconda/

Andrew Simpson

On Thu, Sep 29, 2016 at 5:03 AM, Jacquet Romain 
<<>> wrote:
Hello everybody,
    I’m struggling to find a bug caused by a RPM update in the postinstall 
section. The line looks like: “rpm –Uvh my-daemon-package” and update a daemon. 
I’m using a CentOS 6.6 and its anaconda 13.21.229.
With this line in the kickstart, anaconda never ends. The only way to stop 
anaconda is to use the shell in the virtual terminal (Alt+Ctrl+F2) and kill the 
daemon. It is like anaconda is waiting for something to be released. Do you 
know what could prevent anaconda from rebooting?

   Best regards.

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