Hi all,

I am excited to let you know that you can now run KLEE in your browser! This provides an easy way for people to get familiar with KLEE or run small programs with KLEE without the hassle of installing anything.

As with any new system, things might not work as well in the beginning, and the site might even be sporadically unavailable. We'd appreciate any bug reports or feature requests either by email, or even better, on GitHub at https://github.com/klee/klee-web/issues.

The system is the product of two different teams: the project was started by James Carr, Ben Chin, Ainsley Escorce-Jones, Preeya Joshi, Kaho Sato, Conrad Watt and me in 2014/15 and was revamped this year by Giacomo Guerci, Domenico Marino, Anastasis Andronidis and me.

The system is available at


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