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> Earlier on this list there was a thread on what would be alternatives
> to
> KLEE-uClibc as the library implementation got rather old, which is
> true
> for its upstream as well, though to a lesser extent. Here I would like
> to ask how to add support for another C library implementation to

I started implementing support for the Musl C library in KLEE:


I'd like to use Musl in conjunction with the POSIX runtime. However,
when I run KLEE like this:

$ klee -libc=musl -posix-runtime hostname.bc

I get the following:

KLEE: NOTE: Using musl : /home/marko/research/klee/Release
KLEE: NOTE: Using model: /home/marko/research/klee/Release
KLEE: ERROR: Link with library /home/marko/research/klee/Release
+Asserts/lib/libkleeRuntimePOSIX.bca failed: Linking globals named
'access': symbol multiply defined!

I haven't been able to track this down. Is this to say that
libkleeRuntimePOSIX.bca has a model for the 'access' function and that
this clashes with the definition of the 'access' function in Musl?

How to avoid multiple symbol definitions?

If it helps, I used Musl's libc.so.bc, i.e. a dynamically linked version
of the library in KLEE (that's what the -libc=musl parameter fetches).

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