Dear Rong,
Can you check if clang is in your PATH?
'clang -v' should print out 6.0 as well.

Clang is not necessarily installed as a dependency of LLVM.

Hope that helps.


On 15 August 2019 09:26:23 CEST, "Zhang, RongX Z" <> 
Hi ,

I am installing KLEE on Clear Linux, when I build the latest klee-uclibc , and 
run command : ./configure --make-llvm-lib, it’s failed and error log is:
INFO:Forcing C compiler to be...gcc
INFO:Absolute path to compiler.../usr/bin/gcc
INFO:Disabling assertions
INFO:Configuring for Debug build
INFO:Configuring for LLVM bitcode archive
INFO:Using llvm-config at.../usr/local/bin/llvm-config
INFO:Using llvm tool dir.../usr/local/bin
INFO:Found "/usr/local/bin/llvm-nm".
INFO:Found "/usr/local/bin/llvm-ar".
INFO:Found "/usr/local/bin/llvm-link".
INFO:Found "/usr/local/bin/llvm-objdump".
INFO:Testing LLVM Bitcode compiler.../usr/bin/gcc
INFO:Conversion of LLVM Bitcode to LLVM Assembly failed with output:
/usr/local/bin/llvm-dis: error: Invalid bitcode signature

ERROR:LLVM Bitcode compiler does not work.

Can you tell me how to resolve this problem?

Gcc version :9.1.1
llvm version:6.0.


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