On 2016.10.16 12:08, Thomas Baumgart wrote:

On Saturday 15 October 2016 16:14:00 Jack Ostroff wrote:

> I think this is at least part of my problem trying to build from 4.8
> branch on both my home Gentoo system and a VirtualBox Kubuntu 16.10. I
> know I have enough of qt5 installed, as I have successfully compiled
> from git head. I'm pretty sure I have enough of qt4 installed, but it > seems that the qt5 stuff is found in preference to the qt4. I got the
> cmake to complete successfully by first doing EXPORT QT_SELECT=4.
> However, when I then do "make" it fails with a complaint about a moc
> file being compiled with 5.6.1. when it should be 4.8.7.  I'm hoping
> there is some other environment variable I should set before doing the
> cmake, or perhaps something I can add to one of the CMake files.

Check for the QT_MOC_EXECUTABLE setting in ccmake (you may have to press T
(toggle) to see it).

Won't be able to check for a while, but that does sound like a good thing to check. However, while I can probably fix that in ccmake and then hopefully get a good set of config files to run make, I still wonder what would be pulling in the wrong version.

Playing a bunch more, I am now sure it is related to some problem while running cmake. Setting 'export QT_SELECT=4' before running cmake made things much better, but something is still pulling in a few qt5 pieces. Something Alan sent me made me look and think it might have been because alkimia was compiled with qt5, but I'm no longer sure about that. I have three entries in CMakeCache.txt pointing explicitly to qt5 instead of qt4, but I have not been able to figure out where they get pulled in. It may be a few days before I have more time to spend on this, unfortunately.


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