My credit card statement company has revised their web site, and the statement importing procedure has changed.

The KMM CSV importer is not happy with this new format. All characters have an interspersed null character (I think, probably 00). Each line is followed by an additional line containing the same odd character. So, the import is incorrect.

If I import via Libre Office Calc, all is correct. It is shown as UTF-16. If I load via Kate, this too looks wrong, unless I change the encoding from UTF-8 to URF-16. In the CSV importer, however, changing the encoding from UTF-8 to URF-16 makes no apparent difference and the original incorrect result still appears.

Reloading an earlier file is as normal.

So, it appears that the import encoding has changed and the CSV plugin does not handle it correctly. If anyone else can try this, I'd be interested to hear. I think probably a bug report is called for.


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