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   Hi Jack, I'm using Fedora 25,and KmyMoney was downloaded from the
   Fedora 25 repo. The website of course states "If possible, it is
   always preferred to use a package specifically prepared for your
   distribution", it doesn't add "unless you want to use file encryption,
   in which case you'll need to dowload the source files and compile it
   youself". As a file released to the official repo, I'd expect it to
   work 'as is'. and I do have Gpgme installed. Hope this helps, William
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   *From:* Jack <>
   *Subject:* [kmymoney4] [Bug 376514] Encrpyption option not

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   --- Comment #1 from Jack <> ---
   You don't say which distribution you use, or whether you compiled
   yourself. I
   believe there is a command line switch at compile (cmake) time for
   feature, This requires gpgme, not just gpg, so you might also be
   missing the
   necessary library, although I suspect that would cause an error rather
   just silently not offer encryption. You can try "lss `which kmymoney`
   | grep
   gpg" to see if that is an issue.

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