--- Comment #5 from Ralf Habacker <> ---
(In reply to Thomas Baumgart from comment #3)

> It contains two customized reports (correct and false).
> The false one is a copy of the default networth report just the name has
> been adjusted. I tweaked the configuration so that the correct one shows how
> the graph must appear.
Ah, you added id="A000004" to the correct report to limit the used accounts.

  <REPORT ... >
+   <ACCOUNT id="A000004"/>

In the wrong report there is 
  <REPORT ... >
+   <ACCOUNTGROUP group="equity"></ACCOUNTGROUP>

> Ralf, can you check if the default (false) one also shows false values in
> 4.8 so that we know about the status of 4.8. 
it is the same

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