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On 08/08/17 00:24, Thomas Baumgart wrote:
> George, you forgot
> 3) get the developers for the bank's backend system to read and understand the
> RFC and fix the problem (hey, after all they introduced it)
Yeah, well I long ago realized that my tail was NOT going to wag the 
dog. So the only chance at resolution was to grab the bull by the horn, 
so to speak.
> though your solution to 'stop using the card' on a wide scale may have some
> impact  (I have dreaming mode on while I write this) and would be my choice as
> well.
> As to 1) why should there be an option to control the order if that is not
> required by the standard and 2) only if said bank pays me so that I can retire
> immediately and take care of KMyMoney fulltime.
Sorry, Quicken already paid THEM.

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