On 2017.07.29 12:20, Thomas Baumgart wrote:
On Samstag, 29. Juli 2017 11:36:32 CEST Gary Duzan wrote:
I'll give that a try if I can, but pkgsrc building includes the process of fetching the source, so I'd have to have a separate version of the package to pull directly from git, and that can be a bit unwieldy. Unless you can think of particular issues, I'd rather get 4.8.0 working, then adapt the package when 4.8.1 comes out. If there are minor workarounds necessary, pkgsrc can apply local patches with no problem.

Whatever 'fetching the source' means. I would consider checking out a tagged/ named version from a git repo als as 'fetching the source'. But I have no idea about pkgsrc, so this may all be invalid.

It turns out that the kde git repository has a read-only copy at github, and github has single URL access to download a zip version of a repository tag head. https://github.com/KDE/kmymoney is the main starting point for KMyMoney source and https://github.com/KDE/kmymoney/tree/4.8 shows the git head of the 4.8 branch, with https://github.com/KDE/kmymoney/archive/4.8.zip giving you a zip file of the tree at that point. I believe there are also ways to craft a URL to pull from a github repository at any specified commit, but that's a bit more involved.


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