On 2018.02.02 02:30, Thomas Baumgart wrote:
On Donnerstag, 1. Februar 2018 18:45:40 CET Jack wrote:

> On 2018.02.01 18:40, Jack Ostroff wrote:
> > When I went to take the screenshot for the institutions view, I found
> > that no columns except for the institution and account names were
> > present. This optionality seems to be new. I seemed obvious enough > > to me to right click on the column header to add the other columns. > > When I went to the Accounts view, it also started with only the name > > column. However, when I selected a column name to add there, I got a > > popup asking if I wanted that column to appear in ALL views. While
> > this makes sense, why did I not get that option when selecting
> > columns in the Institution view?  Is that intentional, or an
> > oversight?
> I also note that I am asked whether I want to add or remove a column
> from all views, when either adding or removing. In addition, if I say > NO to the all column add question, the column is not even added to this
> view.  That does not seem right to me.

I tried the removal with having Sort Code visible in accounts and categories view. When I remove it on the categories view and answer No, it goes away but is still present on the accounts and institution view. If I then remove it on the accounts view and answer Yes, it will be removed from both, the accounts and institution view. So far, that looks ok to me.

Adding in conjunction with No does not seem to work as expected.

> Additional question here - what are the CC and Sort Code columns for?

CC is for Cost Center and will identify if a cost center assignment is necessary for a split referencing a category. The view will show a check mark if the requirement is present.

Opening the category editor (select a category, edit it) will show the "Cost center assignment required" option towards the bottom of the dialog. This controls the check
mark in the view.

The cost center stuff is not yet functional in anything other than the account/category editor and view. It is used in the new ledger code already, but we don't have that yet. So it's
something for a future feature.

Not sure, if we can easily remove it, since this will be a string change. Maybe, we can add a
section about cost centers and that it is work in progress.
No need to remove.  I'll easily mention "work in progress"

Sort Code is showing the content of the IBAN field of an account.
Is IBAN mainly a European thing, or more just not common in the US? I suppose at some future point, I might add a section about some of the main regional differences that KMM supports.

As time is running out (and I have another commitment for the next few hours) I'm going to try to stick to stuff that is important to change - mainly things I think will really confuse someone if it doesn't at least make clear that it has changed in 5.0.

I figure we will have a series of releases in the next months - a combination of bug fixes, polishing new features, and then catching up with the manual and the translations. This is the main reason I am not overly worried about not having the manual as complete as I would like by freeze time - either end of day today or with a short delay if there is anything we really want to include that is not ready quite yet.


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