On 2018.02.01 17:21, Jack wrote:
On 2018.02.01 09:47, Thomas Baumgart wrote:

Done, now in git 5.0

Well, something is very strange. If I use the new KMM (just compiled from 5.0 branch head) to open my old personal kmy file, and then look at Tools/Currencies, I see a single, sorted, sortable list with the odd Symbol for Austrian Schilling. If I click "+ Add" I see a single sorted list, with correct values (ATS and ÖS) for Austrian schilling. If I then create a new kmy file, I still see an unsorted, unsortable list, with correct Austrian schilling values. I suppose the "bad" symbol is stuck in my personal kmy file from some historical time, and not really a problem now. However, if I complete the creation of a new kmy file, and then select Tools/Settings, I get a list with ONLY the US Dollar. I can hit the "+ Add" button, and get the entire list, sorted correctly, but not sortable, with correct Austrian schilling entry.

I'm willing to assume that Tools/Currencies should show only the currencies used in the currently open kmy file, but I still don't understand why when creating a new kmy file, the list is neither sorted nor sortable.

Things still don't seem correct.

When I open my old kmy file and select Tools/Currencies, I see double entries for many currencies, such as Algerian Dinar and Aruban Florin.

When creating a new file, the currency list is still not sorted - it goes from Afghanistan Afghani to Zimbabwe Dollar, then Gold, Palladium, Platinum, Silver, Austrian Schilling (correct symbol), and then 22 more, ending with Turkish Lira (old). With the new file open (only US Dollar selected as a currency) Tools/Currencies shows only US Dollar, but the complete correct list appears if I click "+ Add".

My main concern at this time is why the initial list (when creating a new kmy file) is not sorted. It is a long sorted list, a few sorted metals, then a separate sorted list.


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