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Upgraded to 5.0.1.  There, I can see that it's possible to specify a category
for "Interest", which I can use to add an amount to the "Sell" transaction so
that it shows up in a category.

However, there is a problem with this. The amount I enter for that category is
added to the transaction amount. With a profit (loss) of selling the
investment, the amount that I want to categorize is already included in the
transaction amount. If I write it into the "Interest" field, the transaction
total is wrong.

Suggestion: Add another field that is called "Profit/loss", where I can specify
an amount that does not modify the total.

My previous Example 1 could then be entered as:
Sell 15 shares of XYZ at 9 per share - total is 135. In the new input for
Profit/loss, enter the Category and the value 50.

With the current setup, I can enter a category for Interest and enter 50 there,
but then the total changes to 185, i.e. the Profit is counted twice.  My only
alternative then is to leave the share price at its buying value to avoid the
double-counting, but that is an unattractive workaround.

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