Am 04.04.2018 um 18:34 schrieb Christian David:
> Hello,
> Alkimia was started about eight years ago by the developers of Skrooge, Kraft 
> and KMyMoney. Unfortunately it never supported more than AlkValue. As far as 
> I 
> know, KMyMoney is the only project left to use alkimia. Skrooge and Kraft are 
> not using it anymore and I do not know any other software to use alkimia.
> For this reason I recommend to drop alkimia and move AlkValue into KMyMoney 
> directly. This reduces the maintenance for developers, packages and users who 
> just want to compile KMyMoney on their own. Additionally it reduces possible 
> sources of trouble (just remember how much work it was for Ralf to get it 
> working with Qt 4 & 5) 
which was an interesting challenge to see how to create a multi platform

and we remove a dependency.
According to a recent build log
kmymoney depends on about 85 packages. Removing one dependency is about
1,11 %.

> What are you thinking about this?

Another option would be make it more interesting for other projects by
adding more stuff into.


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