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> On 2019.11.07 18:21, Paulo Rocha wrote:
> > Dear all,
> > 
> > first of all, congrats for th KMyMoney. I´m  MS Money´s user for many
> > years, ant KKM looks promissing
> > 
> > Here in Brazil one of the biggest bank is called Bradesco and I can
> > connect directly by MS Money Do you have any clue how to do it ? I
> > don´t know what I have to type on these cells
> > 
> > Best regards
> Since you can connect to the bank with MS Money, the bank almost
> certainly does OFX direct connect.  However, I do not see it included
> in the list of banks our software knows about (at least for using
> libofx connections; can someone else confirm aqbanking uses the same
> list of institutions?)  That means that it should be possible for you
> to map the account so you can download transactions, but it may not be
> easy, because banks are generally not very helpful if you use anything
> except the commercial financial software they support.

KMyMoney does not provide the list. We use
about as source for all the information the application provides about 
institutions to the 

> First question - are you trying to map the account with libofx or with
> aqbanking?  When you first try to map the account, are you sure the
> bank is not included in the list of institutions that is presented?

From the attached screenshot in the original posting it seems to be the 
KMyMoney builtin 
direct LibOFX way and not AqBanking.

AqBanking also uses LibOFX under the hood for the communication with the 
just the UI is AqBanking specific and the number of supported protocol elements 

> Also, please confirm which version of KMM you are using, although any
> recent version should be OK just to get this set up.

Yes, that would be some relevant information.

@Paulo: it might be useful to subscribe to the mailing lists so that you 
receive all answers.





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