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I am just another user. So no expert here... but this is my experience:

I do not think the Statement of Cashflows will match the Income and Expense

Income and Expense would not include any transfers between assets and liability
accounts. Whereas a Statement of Cashflows would. 

In KMyMoney, I create a Statement of Cashflows by starting with a Net Worth
report. Then, I un-check the liability accounts in the options/configurations. 
I also check the 'include transfers'. 

Next, I rename my report to Cashflow. 

The Net Worth report in its default state is more akin to a balance sheet. 

A simple example of when a Cashflow and Income/Expense will not match, a for
example a mortgage. 

Mortgage: 1500 dollars
broken down as follows. 
Interest: 700 dollars
Insurance: 500 dollars 
Principal: 300 dollars 

The income statement will capture the Interest and Insurance expenses. 1200

The Cashflow will capture the 300 dollars that left the assets(checking) to
bring down the liability (loan/mortgage). 

Also, the unrealized gains.. how would the unrealized gains from home equity
fit into this? If my house was purchased at $200K and now is appraised at
$250k, how would I see the $50k? Your suggestion is that there would be an
Unrealized Gain account. Would that account only be updated when I get an
appraisal(once a year)?

I am very interested in how this turns out. Thanks


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