On 13/10/16 09:22, Daniel Salzman wrote:

Good morning Daniel,

> you are right. Such a multivalued item is simply replaced not appended.
> I will highlight this information in the documentation.

I do understand this, and it makes sense, of course. However, it can be
a little confusing, because of the simpler YAML syntax that Knot 2 has

For example, within a single template or zone element, multiple "acl:"
lines are concatenated, eg:

acl: one
acl: two
acl: three

is the same as:

acl: [ one, two, three ]

However, acl: statements in the "zone" section do not add to acl:
statements in the "template" section. That would make it impossible to
override an ACL fully.

So I do understand the logic, but it takes some thinking. Therefore,
clearer documentation would help all users :)

I still strongly wish that Knot 2 had adopted YAML fully, rather than
partially. Now I have to remember every time that Knot's YAML is not the
same as regular YAML, and I keep running into issues where Knot's config
parser complains at me for using regular YAML syntax.

> Thank you for migrating to Knot DNS 2.x :-)

Well, we're not quite there yet. We have one server running Knot 2 now:

$ dig @ns1.cz-prg.k.ripe.net ch txt version.server +norec +short
"Knot DNS 2"

We will be observing this for a while, and once I'm happy that
everything is fine, and I'm not observing any issues, we can do a phased
upgrade across our entire Knot server cluster.

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