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Bug 17312 - Typo in / /

The following three templates are using [% guarantorborrowernumber %]
while they should be using [% guarantor.borrowernumber %]:


This doesn't result in any breakage; just a couple of 'Edit' links that
do not pass the guarantorid in the URL, and one case where guarantor
information is not shown in the staff client.

This patch fixes that.

Test plan:
0) [PREREQUISITE] Create a patron with a guarantor if you don't have one.
1) Go to Home > Patrons and search for a patron that has a guarantor. In
   the Details page for that patron, the 'Edit' link in the toolbar does
   not pass the guarantor's id in the URL (...&guarantorid=&...).
2) In the same page, the 'Edit' link under the patrons name (immediately
   under 'Guarantor') again does not include the guarantor id in the URL.
3) Go to Home > Patrons and click on 'New patron'. Pick any category from
   the drop down menu. Enter the Surname, First name, and Date of birth
   of the patron you used in step 1). This triggers the 'Duplicate patron
   record?' warning -- click on 'View existing record' and notice how the
   guarantor information is missing.
4) Apply the patch.
5) Repeat steps 1), 2), and 3) above. The URLs are fixed and patron info
   is showing.

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