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Bug 16535 - Add the date on which the suggestion was managed on Purchase
suggestions tab

In the Staff client, under Patrons, the 'Purchase suggestions' tab for a
patron does not include the date on which the suggestion was managed. If
you follow a different route and go to Acquisitions > Suggestions, then
the date is shown.

This patch adds that enhancement (and fixes an open <td> tag, too).

Test plan:
0) [PREREQUISITES] Create a suggestion and manage it, i.e. edit it a bit.
1) Go to Patrons and search for a patron whose suggestion has been managed.
   In the 'Purchase suggestions' tab for the patron, notice how the third
   column only lists _who_ managed the suggestion but not _when_.
2) Apply the patch.
3) Repeat step 1). The date the suggestion was managed should be displayed.

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