--- Comment #29 from Héctor Eduardo Castro Avalos <> 
(In reply to Katrin Fischer from comment #27)

Hi katrin, thanks to QAing.

> 2) I am not sure about the use of the icons - they don't look quite right. 
> Maybe because of their strong color that might clash in some layouts. Not a
> blocker.

I continue keeping the icons, because opac.less and opac.css. But if you really
think this not fit well, I can remove those icons. I put the icons, because
patrons are familiar with the icons.

> Result list:
> 2) The EasyBib function on the result list does not work for me. The list is
> always empty, even if I have selected the whole result list first.
> 3) It would be good if we could show an alert if nothing has been selected,
> similar to the one for adding to the cart or list.

This problems are present maybe because there was a CONFLICT MERGE.

> Detail page:
> 5) It looks like EasyBib is turning umlauts into gibberish. Example: Zürich
> >  Zürich. Strangely, this only seems to happen on the details page.
> 'Zürich' is the place of publication in my example record.

I will fix this up in a follow-up

> 6) Saving to Mendeley tries to save a 'website' instead of the bibliographic
> data. I tried several records.
> Cart:
> Seems to work ok.
> Lists:
> 7) Can't save to Mendeley - it tries to save the 'website' here as well.

Ahh..... Sorry my mistake.

Mandeley take the data from OpenURl COinS (Z39.88), please set 
COinSinOPACResults to "Include"... I've forgot about this.

(In reply to Katrin Fischer from comment #28)
> To achieve that, please change the code so that the preference is used, but
> only the code for the selected services is activated.
> [% IF (.... EasyBib ...) %] or similar.

I really make this with:
[% IF Koha.Preference( 'OpacReferenceManager' ) %]

Comments 7 and 10 explain it.

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