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Bug 17318: Unit tests

The current C4::Matcher::_get_match_keys implementation doesn't take
normalization rules params into account. This patch makes Matcher.t test the
proposed behaviour for new hardcoded values, that match string normalization
routines introduced by Bu 17302.

Possible values are:
- upper_case
- lower_case
- remove_spaces
- legacy_default
- none

* 'legacy_default' is left (for now) to catch the current behaviour. So tests
did not get a 'norm' param, now are passed 'legacy_default' and they still

* 'none' means no normalization, of course

Note: on introducing 'none', a bug got highlighted, because the subfields
traversal loop
was introducing an unneeded space. The tests from 17304 get adjusted to reflect

To test:
- Run:
  $ sudo koha-shell kohadev ; cd kohaclone
  $ prove t/Matcher.t
=> FAIL: The routine doesn't care about the norms param.

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