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Bug 16826: Add API route for getting item availability

GET /availability/items?itemnumber=123
GET /availability/items?itemnumber=123+456+789
GET /availability/items?biblionumber=321
GET /availability/items?biblionumber=321+654+987

This patch adds above routes for checking anonymous item availability. Patron
status is not checked.

The returned data is for example:
  "checkout": {
     "available": false,
     "description": ["onloan"],
     "expected_available": "2016-07-13"
  "hold": {
     "available": true,
     "description": [],
     "expected_available": null
  "local_use": {
     "available": false,
     "description": ["onloan"],
     "expected_available": "2016-07-13"
  "onsite_checkout": {
     "available": false,
     "description": ["onsite_checkouts_disabled"],
     "expected_available": null
  "hold_queue_length": 1,
  + some basic item information on locations, bib/bib(item)numbers etc.

Possible values in availability description are an empty array and any of:
"onloan", "reserved", "damaged", "withdrawn", "itemlost", "restricted",
"notforloan", "ordered". (+"onsite_checkouts_disabled" for onsite_checkout)

To test:
1. Apply patch and run
   perl misc/devel/ -s api/v1/swagger/swagger.json -d
2. Play around with an item. Place a hold on it, checkout, set it damaged etc.
3. Make GET requests to /api/v1/availability/items?itemnumber=YYY, where
   YYY is an existing itemnumber. You can also try with biblionumber=XXX
   query parameter, where XXX is an existing biblionumber.
4. Check that the availability statuses are correct and that availability
   description lists the appropriate status for unavailability.
5. Repeat steps 1-3 until you are confident the route works as expected.
6. Run the following tests:
   - t/Koha/Item/Availability.t
   - t/db_dependent/Items.t
   - t/db_dependent/api/v1/availability.t

Signed-off-by: Jiri Kozlovsky <>

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