--- Comment #45 from Lari Taskula <> ---
(In reply to Benjamin Rokseth from comment #42)
> Since Bug 16699 now already is in master, I took the liberty of rebasing
> this patch against master atop on 14868 which was discussed above.
> Since rebasing each patch is too much work, I merged all the previous
> patches in.
> No functionality is changed, and tests are updated to match new permissions
> from Bug 14868, so I leave it as Signed off, but more testing should
> probably be done.
Thanks Benjamin!

(In reply to Katrin Fischer from comment #43)
> > > We also need to resolve the question of taking opacuserlogin into account.
> > Yes I think this should be discussed, for example, could it make sense for
> > somebody to disable opacuserlogin but still wanting to have API access to
> > own objects? Or simply control both of these under the same preference,
> > opacuserlogin?
> I can imagine both happening:
> - libraries wanting to shut down any OPAC account functionality, but still
> be able to renew in staff, so the circulation conditions are set up this
> way. In this case, there should be a way to lock the API (opacuserlogin
> might be a way)
> - libraries shutting down the OPAC, because they use something else like an
> external discovery layer. In this case they'd still want to use the API, but
> might turn off the OPAC as far as possible.
> Should we just make a separate switch?
Yeah, I think it will be useful. I will open a new bug for it.

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