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Bug 17006: (follow-up) Let librarians change patron's passwords

This should obviously be part of this feature but was left unnoticed in the
first patch. If user has "borrowers"-flag, they should be able to change
password without providing old password.

To test:
1. Run t/db_dependent/api/v1/patrons.t
2. Observe failing test
3. Apply patch
4. Run t/db_dependent/api/v1/patrons.t
5. Observe passing test
6. Send PATCH request to http://library/api/v1/patrons/YYY/password
   where YYY is existing borrowernumber (borrowers flag required)
   and where YYY is not the same borrowernumber as your logged-in
   user's borrowernumber
7. Make sure that password was changed for YYY.

You may find this useful for testing:

curl -X PATCH http://library/api/v1/patrons/123/password \
     --data '{"new_password":"1234"}' \
     --cookie 'CGISESSID=055ca5a9a3ad3fb5052143bd015c1c10'

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