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End of the week, last chance, I dropped my environnement and did a fresh
reinstall and it works \o/

ii  elasticsearch                   1.7.5                all                 
Open Source, Distributed, RESTful Search Engine
ii  libcatmandu-store-elasticsearch 0.0304-1             all                  A
searchable store backed by Elasticsearch
ii  libsearch-elasticsearch-perl    1.19-1               all                 
The official client for Elasticsearch
ii  libcatmandu-marc-perl           0.214-1              all                 
modules for working with MARC data within the Catmandu framework
ii  libcatmandu-perl                0.9505-1             all                 
metadata toolkit
ii  liblog-any-adapter-perl         0.11-2               all                 
<short description; defaults to some wise words>
ii  liblog-any-perl                 1.03-1               all                 
Perl module to log messages safely and efficiently

Versions seems the same... but it works !

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