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Bug 17680: C4::Circulation - Remove GetItemIssue, complex calls

There are a few calls to GetItemIssue where it's not as easy to make
sure everything will be fine just replacing the calls with a
- In AddReturn the overdue flag is used (that's why this patch depends
on bug 17689)
- In CanBookBeRenewed, as well as the overdue flag the dates converted
to DateTime were used. It's now our job to convert them when we need
- Same in AddRenewal but we also call _CalculateAndUpdateFine, so we
need to update the variables in this subroutine.

Note that, prior to this patch, AddReturn returned the GetItemIssue
hashref in the $iteminformation. Most of the time this variable is not
used, I have found only 1 place where it's used: circ/
TODO: In this script we should call ->is_overdue instead of the
DateTime->compare calls

Test plan:
All the circulation tests must pass (it's how I have caught the specific
Do some checkins/checkouts/renewal and focus on the due date

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