--- Comment #117 from Jonathan Druart <> 
(In reply to Marcel de Rooy from comment #116)
> Some preliminary findings:
> opac/ Calling GetXmlBiblio seems useless here.
> Probably should be GetMarcBiblio.

GetMarcBiblio does much more stuffs than GetXmlBiblio. Since we just want the
metadata it's better like that.

> map { (C4::Context->config('zebra_bib_index_mode') eq
> 'dom')? $_->{marcxml}: $_->{marc}; }  This marc reference should not have
> been there anymore?

Nope, the column does no longer exist.

> C4/ changes aimed for catalogue/, but I am not sure if
> they are needed. Does item search actually looks into the xml? Seems not.
> New report??

I don't think so, it uses it.

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