--- Comment #18 from Katrin Fischer <> ---
Reading through this bug, I am slightly confused, but not sure if this is the
right way to go about this.

1) You change the default OK to be category, itemtype, branch and has priority.
Why is this necesssary? I think this means that it would be possible to have
the same rule for the same branch, with the only difference being the
'has_priority' flag. But I don't feel like this should be possible from the
interface as this would lead to conflicting rules.

2) As this will only apply to the max checkouts (I think?), I wonder if adding
another column to the table is the right way to go. It's not clear from the
interface, what the consequence of setting the checkbox will be.

3) I might not totally understand how this is all supposed to work - could you
write up a more detailed testing plan with more examples?

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