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--- Comment #38 from Katrin Fischer <> ---
There are some things odd about this patch set:

1) In the database update the new columns are added in different spots:

+ALTER TABLE marc_subfield_structure ADD COLUMN important TINYINT(4) NOT NULL
DEFAULT 0  AFTER mandatory;
+ALTER TABLE marc_tag_structure ADD COLUMN important TINYINT(4) NOT NULL
DEFAULT 0  AFTER frameworkcode;

Why not have marc_tag_structure.important after mandatory too? This is mostly
cosmetic, but I was wondering about the inconsistency.

2) There is a change on the serialitems table in kohastructure.sql, that needs
to be removed from this patch set:

@@ -2456,7 +2458,7 @@ DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `serialitems`;
 CREATE TABLE `serialitems` (
     `itemnumber` int(11) NOT NULL,
     `serialid` int(11) NOT NULL,
-    PRIMARY KEY (`itemnumber`),
+    UNIQUE KEY `serialitemsidx` (`itemnumber`),

3) In the following line is added, I think also

+    <li><label for="authorised_value">Authorized value: </label>[%
authorised_value %] (if you select a value here, the indicators will be limited
to the authorized value list)</li>

Also, when testing I noticed that the important field shows up below the
authorised value. I think it should be right below mandatory here too, to be
consistent with the subfield configuration.

4) The number of the tab is missing from the alert:

A few important fields are not filled:

        * tag 245 subfield b Zusatz zum Titel in tab 

Are you sure you want to save?

5) The hightlighting seems to only work for subfields, not for fields, is that

I think it would be nice if the important fields highlighted in a different
color to the mandatory ones (totally not blocker).

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