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Ok, thinking more about this, I think this is a failed QA:

I propose: When a basket is closed, change new to ordered, leave all other
status alone.

The workflow usually is something like:

new > ordered
then either:
> complete
partial > complete

Note: The SQL in the patch has a typo and looks for completeD - reintroducing
an already fixed bug by reseting complete to ordered when the basket is closed.


New - If the basket is closed, we want to set it to ordered.

Ordered - If a basket is reopened, we can reset this to new. If the basket is
closed again, those should be set from new to ordered.

Partial - Partial means a part of the order has already been received. To keep
that information, we should probably leave the status alone and not change it
when the basket is opened/closed.

Complete - If an item is received already and linked to an invoice, we don't
want to reset it to ordered or new on opening or closing the basket. The only
way to change the status at this point should be to undo the receive

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