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Bug 4461: [FOLLOW-UP] Problem Report feature

This patch:
 - uses a pull down menu to switch the recipient instead of tabs
 - if the library has no email or the administrator has no email, this
 error message has been moved to be down by the Submit button
 - includes use of branchreplyto and ReplytoDefault for branch email
 - disables use of the feature if the user is not logged in
 - adds a syspref to hide or show the feature
 - provides support for if JS is disabled

Additional testing:
 - using the message_queue table, check that the correct recipient
 receives a problem report when switching in the drop down menu
 - check appropriate error message shows next to the submit button if an
 email is not provided. this should dynamically change as you select a
 different recipient from the drop down menu
 - check that when the library is the recipient, the feature sends the
 report to the branchreplyto, then the ReplytoDefault, then the branch
 email in that priority order
 - log out of the OPAC and confirm that you can't submit a report
 without logging in. the submit button should be disabled
 - disable the OPACReportProblem syspref. the Report a Problem link in
 the footer should be gone. if you force the URL
 (/cgi-bin/koha/ the form should be hidden and
 replaced with an error message.
 - disable JS in your browser. confirm that you are still able to send
 problem reports to library and administrator. remove the administrator
 email address. confirm the error message shows next to the submit
 button and that clicking the submit button returns an error. check in
 the message_queue that the email was never sent.

After this feature is passed:
 - i would like to add a staff-side feature where staff can see the
 problem reports and mark them as 'read'. i'll work on that once this
 gets through :)

 Current status: Failed QA

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