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I think the old page was not removed because the developper didn't want to
"shock" the testers, and allow for easy comparison.  I think David will create
a separate patch for it.

Regarding the other points:
- This was coded 18 months ago.  The nytprof has been written over.  But I
remember the main culprit was addDay, which created tons of object for simple
- Fundamentaly, the old(and current) system is flawed, so although we did use
in-memory hash for storing the holidays (along with our custom open/close
hours) for years on our clients, that was not a good system.  Calculation on
past dates was always flawed because any change to an holiday rule would skewed
calculation.  This method stores for good the opening/close dates and hours, so
any future change through the interface won't affect past dates.

The new UI offers more flexibility.  The calculations are always good.  And
extremely fast.  It adds opening and close time.  And it's clean and easy to
add on.

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