--- Comment #11 from Alex Arnaud <> ---
(In reply to Katrin Fischer from comment #10)
> I agree with Jonathan:
> - The French country code +33 is hard coded into the script which makes it
> only useful for French telephone numbers, but not usable for example for
> German ones (+41). This could easily be more generic and then much more
> useful.
+33 (or 0033) is not hard coded into the script. Only in the pod. It is only in
the C4::SMSNumber::Fr package which is dedicated to french number. You can add
a C4::SMSNumber::De package with a german logic for transforming number and add
to the pod:
  - De: Checks german mobile number. options: '+41', ... \n"
like i did for french

> - There is an option --country-option, but it doesn't appear to be used?
Yes, forgot to remove this from the pod
> - It adds a new module to C4, which we should not do anymore.
Better in Koha/SMSNumber/* ?
> - It doesn't include tests.
> I think if we want something like that, it might be better as a clean-up
> script in misc/maintenance. Possibly without a separate module?
Separate modules contain the logic specific to each area. It's not
easy/clear/possible to have a script that check and transform number for all
the areas as the format of number could be different (i.e not the number of
digit). So the area paramter determines which area module to use.
> I think it's not quite ready, sorry!

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