--- Comment #9 from Jonathan Druart <> 
(In reply to M. Tompsett from comment #6)
> Running the following to confirm comment #4:
>  for i in `find . -type f -name "*.p[lm]"`; do perl -wc $i; done

or simply `find . -name "*.pl" -exec perl -wc {} \;` yes.

(In reply to M. Tompsett from comment #7)
> After getting Catmandu stuff better installed, and hacking softlinks in the
> path to and, most problems go away.
> These two patches are fine. However, what about the horrors of files with
> multiple packages: C4/ and OpenILS/

The rewrite of these modules is for somewhere else (and somebody else :))

(In reply to M. Tompsett from comment #8)
> If we are already tweaking the line, why not the new syntax? CGI->new?

Feel free to open a bug report to replace all the occurrence of "new CGI" if
you think it is useful/major.

The variable scoping problem is critical under plack.

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