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--- Comment #33 from Charles Farmer <> ---
Hi Katrin,

Following your comments, I made cosmetic adjustments to the previous patch:
    - <span> no longer present in alert dialog
        - I also toned down from 'exclamation mark' to a simple period
    - removed the dangling space before ':'
    - server side formatting was changed from sprintf to $Price
        - I also removed the formatting in the <input> fields. It made no sense
to me that formatting was used for data traveling between the page and the
server, unbeknown to the user.

About the behavior of the form: I agree with you, the UX should definitely be
more user-friendly. Now, I'm open to changes, but I'd rather implement
everything once we reach a consensus on how it should behave than doing
"flavors" of the same patch just for QA. Nothing personal ;)

I'll put this back to 'Needs signoff', for now, just to make it clear that I
want people testing this patch, but feel free to dial it back to "Failed QA" or
"In discussion". I'll be keeping a close eye on this.

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