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Bug 11936 - Consistent log message for item insert

If you use to import records with items it looks
like the successfull insert of the record is reported multiple time,
but the second and subsequent "ok" is really related to importing
the item(s).

This patch changes the log message on successfully inserting an item
to match the log message given when inserting an item fails.

To test, the easy way:
- Look at lines 530 and 536 of, and note that the
  "op" in those two lines are different
- Apply the patch
- Look at lines 530 and 536 again, and note that the "op" is now
  identical, and that this makes sense, since they are both related
  to the same operation, specifically inserting an item

To test, the hard way
- Have some records with items
- Import the records with, and make sure to specify
  the -l option, to create a log of the actions taken
- Look at the log and verify it looks something like this:
- Apply this patch and import some more records with items. The log
  should now be similar to this:

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