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Some further observations:

I have a bunch of MARC-records in a file that I import with: -insert -match=Control-number,001 -l /tmp/insert.log

(I use some more options as well, of course, but these are the interesting
ones), because I want to check if the records exist (based on the value in 001)
and only add them if they do not already exist in Koha. When I look at the log,
I see something like this:

103703;insert;warning : already in database

126210 and 126211 are OK, they did not exist and have now been added. 

Since the script has correctly figured out that 103703 is already in the
database, I would expect it to be skipped. But when I look at the timestamps in
the database it turns out the entries in the biblio and biblioitems tables were
not affected, but biblio_metadata *was* actually updated. And the item was
added to the record. This means I now have two items on this record, where
there should just be one. 

This behaviour seems to be caused by having the logic for update/insert on
lines 453-477 of bulkmarcimport, followed by calls to AddItemBatchFromMarc on
line 479 (this adds the items, even if -insert was specified and the record was
found to exist in koha) and ModBiblioMarc on line 487 (this updates

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