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(In reply to Fridolin SOMERS from comment #23)
> (In reply to Jonathan Druart from comment #21)
> > Please improve the POD to explain what means "older than DAYS days" for each
> > option you added.
> Sorry but I don't see how it could be explained.
> Look at sessdays arg :
>    --sessdays DAYS    purge only sessions older than DAYS days.

Yes existing POD is bad, that is not a valid argument :)

+   --statistics DAYS       Purge entries from statistics older than DAYS days.

=> this one may be ok

+   --deleted-catalog  DAYS Purge deleted catalog older than DAYS

=> This can be improved: Remove deleted catalogue records that have been
removed before DAYS

+   --deleted-patrons DAYS  Purge deleted patrons older than DAYS days.

=> So if they are too old? Let remove all the retired!

+   --old-issues DAYS       Purge old issues older than DAYS days.

=> Then we are going to "purge the checkins that have been checked out" [...]

+   --old-reserves DAYS     Purge old reserves older than DAYS days.

=> I am expecting "holds" and "filled" in the description

+   --transfers DAYS        Purge arrived items transfers older than DAYS days.

=> Hum, any native English speakers around?

Should we keep "issues" and "reserves" in the parameter?
At least not in the POD.

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