--- Comment #39 from Marcel de Rooy <> ---
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Bug 13287: (QA follow-up) Add db revision

Added missing upgrade SQL system preference.
Corrected system preference screen message
Fixes on
- perlcritic friendlier
- address $PERL5LIB comment by using $PROGRAM_NAME (comment #10)
- used STDERR (comment #10)
- perltidy

$ ./installer/data/mysql/
-- should run upgrade and generate new systempreference in table
$ ./misc/cronjobs/ --help
-- should give help with a real path used instead of $PERL5LIB.
$ ./misc/cronjobs/ -days -1
-- should give error message as expected
$ ./misc/cronjobs/ -days 0
-- should give error message as expected

Go to OPAC system preferences tab and check the
PurgeSuggestionsOlderThan system preference
-- message should be as expected (see comment #9)

run koha qa test tools
-- all should pass

Signed-off-by: Marc Veron <>
Signed-off-by: Jon Knight <>

Signed-off-by: Marcel de Rooy <>
Amended: Moved new pref from OPAC to Acquisitions preferences.

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