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Bug 12502: QA Follow-up

1) The method under C4 was deleted.

There wasn't any reason for a method under Koha, in the end, because it's a
simple update that requires no additional processing. If I had to do any
legwork with the data before updating the Order fields, I would've written a
wrapper. As it stands right now, the work can be done directly in the
controller without polluting the Koha/Acquisition/ class.

2) Added the ISBN field to csv_header, and added that value to

I've also changed the string internaldate to internalnote, small typo fix.

3) Made adjustements client-side and server-side.

In the browser, you can now see a small loading icon to inform the user that
the 'Save note' button actually triggered an action. A new alert message also
informs the user if something awry happened while updating the orders' notes. I
took a look at the user page, to see how notes were saved, but I was not
satisfied with the idea of mixing an Ajax call with a window.location.reload;
doesn't make sense in my mind to uselessly reload the page if the information
had already reached the
server, and since it was already coded that way, I felt like this change was
the best course of action.

Server-side, it is now possible to save an empty field. Before this patch,
'if($note)' would actually fail on an empty string, which meant you could never
erase a note, for any reason whatsoever.

After testing this patch, if the width of the input is still something that
you'd like to see changed, I'll have no problem reducing it a little, but
you'll have to tell me how large is _too_ large :)

4) Order no. -> Order line

5) Added the new columns to the admin/visibility yaml

6) It would be possible to also display an ISSN, but I won't make this patch
any large than it is for now.

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