--- Comment #16 from Marcel de Rooy <> ---
[Without patch]
Three items (CPL MPL RMA)
2 record level patron A and item level from patron B (CPL)
Checkin CPL item at RMA
Waiting OK
Checkin this item again and Cancel
Finally reproduced the error: Second patron A hold became Item level (Bug)
Checkin again, confirm
Checkin and cancel
What happened? Priority last hold = 1. Transfer created. No message to staff.
(Bug: transit should be a T hold?)

[With patch]
Three items
2 record level for patron A
1 item level for patron B on CPL item
Goto RMA Checkin CPL item, confirm for patron A Waiting
So far so good. Checkin again and cancel.
Second record level hold at 1. This cancel created no transfer. No message.
(Behavior change?)
Checkin again, confirm. Waiting OK
Checkin again, cancel.
Last item level hold at 1. No transfer. No message.

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