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The biggest issue for us on items on display is handling.  We can certainly
define locations for displays.  And Koha now has the ability to automatically
update information (like reset a location) after a prescribed length of time. 
That was one of the troublesome areas that Koha has solved (thank you!).  The
problem still at hand is how to get staff to know where to shelve the item if
it is supposed to be on display.  When an item is checked in, unless there is
some special marking on the book (which really defeats the purpose of Koha
automatically updating locations so staff don’t have to), how do staff know to
shelve it in the display rather than its normal location?  The best answer
would be to have a popup for items in specific locations on check in.  This
would alert staff, and they would either place the item in a special pile or
place a bookmark in it or something at that time so they know to shelve it

As long as we have to manually process the book in some way in order to keep it
in a special location, it remains a chore that current automated processes that
Koha has can’t handle quite yet.  We are close, but there are still some minor
kinks to work out.

Ideally, it would be great if you had a display module to check items in on. 
It would ask where you want to display the item, and for how long.  Then the
module would temporarily move the item to the new location, setup a rule to
change it back after the time is up, and would alert staff of the temporary
location when checked in at the home location.

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