--- Comment #7 from Kyle M Hall <> ---
(In reply to Katrin Fischer from comment #6)
> Hm, I think it's always possible to use local login and we have a library
> using both LDAP and Shibboleth... With Shibboleth you have a link to an
> external login page like with CAS - maybe that's where the confusion is? I
> think building it to support many plugins would be nice, similar to how we
> support multiple ILL backends, but maybe not a must.

You could be right. I based my reassessment on this code:;a=blob;f=C4/;h=c3ad351aa17ae73addb6612e7af2905b003647b4;hb=HEAD#l1778

That being said. We are starting to veer away from the topic of the bug ; )

If implemented the way I suggest, it would support multiple auth plugins, *and*
be simpler architecturally. I think that's a win on all fronts : )

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