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Bug 17047 security token agst flooding for Mana-KB

Rework messages from Mana-KB.

- Add A syspref contains an authentication token. The token will be used to
prevent anaonymous flooding of Mana-KB
- To get an Authentication token, you have to fill a form and validate your
e-mail address
- Messages return codes are now correctly displayed and there shouldn't be any
crash when Mana-KB webservices return a wrong answer or doesn't answer

Test plan:
    1 - Apply Patch + update database
    2 - Copy the three lines about mana config in etc/koha-conf.xml in
../etc/koha-conf.xml (after <backupdir> for example)
        <!-- URL of the mana KB server -->
        <!-- alternative value to query the
test server -->
    3 - Check Mana syspref and AutoShareWithMana syspref are not activated
    4 - Search the syspref ManaToken and follow the instructions
    5 - subscriptions
      - Try create a new subscription for a first serial  => Mana-KB shouldn't
show you anything (except if the base hase been filled)
      - Share this serial with Mana-KB (on the serial individual's page there
must be a Share button)
      - Try to create a new subscription for serial nr1 => a message should
appear when you click on "next", click on "use", the fields should automaticaly
      - Activate AutoShareWithMana => Subscriptions
      - Create a new subscription for a second serial
      - There shouldn't be any Share button
      - Create a second subscription => the message should appear, click again
on use

    6 - SQL Report
      - Create a new SQL report, without notes.
      - On the table with all report (reports > use saved), there should be the
action "Share"
      - If you click on share, you have an error message
      - Create a new report, with a title and notes longer than 20 characters
      - You  can share it with mana => you will have a success message
      - On (report > use saved), there must be a message inviting you to search
on Mana-KB for more results, enter a few word from title, notes, type of  the
report you shared, it should appear. You can use it, it will load it into your
report list.

    7 - Report mistakes.
      - On any table containing Mana-KB search results, you can report a
mistake and add a comment.

    8 - For each previous test, try to send wrong data, to delete the security
token, to send nothing: it should show a correct warning message.

Signed-off-by: Brendan A Gallagher <>

Signed-off-by: Kyle M Hall <>

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