Bug ID: 20380
           Summary: Email consent patron opt-in tracking for anti-spam
 Change sponsored?: ---
           Product: Koha
           Version: 17.11
          Hardware: All
                OS: All
            Status: NEW
          Severity: enhancement
          Priority: P5 - low
         Component: Patrons
        QA Contact:

An email consent opt-in field is something that many libraries need to
accommodate, with recent legislation in US, Europe, and Canada (which may be
the most strict yet).
Please comment / add suggestions.

Useful features would be:
- Email Consent field with Authorised Values drop down allowing multiple
choices to allow for different legislation e.g. Yes/No, radio button or tick
- If Yes, then mandatory date from calendar picker
- Preference to make this mandatory/non mandatory for new patron and/or at
patron renewal (if mandatory it would need Yes/No rather than radio/tick box)
- Preference to set mandatory/non-mandatory for OPAC self-registration (with
"Yes I consent..." opt-in wording)
- Ability to export data (SQL report?) based on consent choices and consent
date or timestamp (for upload to mailer program)

Also nice to have:
- Additional separate library-set categories for Yes to receive library
messages, library newsletter, new titles list, book club updates, library
events etc. (each with y/n, tick box...)
- Timestamp recorded when any consent field changes (to yes or from yes to no).
The date picker might be enough for initial consent but legislated requirements
may vary in different countries.

Libraries are using 'additional attributes' as a workaround but lack the date
recorded (or timestamp) for changes to the consent status, and ability to
differentiate permission for core library service messages and news/marketing

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