--- Comment #6 from Ere Maijala <> ---
3.) Currently the indexing script, when used with the -d parameter, does the
  1. Drops the existing index
  2. Start collecting records in a buffer
  3. Commit the buffer when it's full

The ES index will only be recreated at the first commit. This means that
there's a time window between steps 1 and 3 during which it's possible that
someone/something else saves a record, which causes the index to be
automatically created by ES, but without all the settings it should have.
That's why it's a good idea to recreate the index right away after dropping the
old one. Another possibility is to instruct the ES instance to never autocreate
indexes, but that's outside the scope of indexing here, and I believe it's in
any case a good practice to at least have an empty but working index in place
if the indexing script is interrupted before first commit.

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