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--- Comment #10 from Josef Moravec <> ---
Kyle, I still found some issues with this:

1. reported by QA tools, not sure how to fix this..., :
 FAIL   Koha/Old/
   FAIL   valid
                        merging failed on 'Koha::Checkout' 
                        current merge results [
                Inconsistent hierarchy during C3 merge of class

2. This still remains:
 FAIL   Koha/
  FAIL    pod
                 in file Koha/
                Unknown command 'head'
                *** ERROR: 
   FAIL   pod coverage
                POD is missing for 'library'

you should use =head3 I think

3. The code added to Koha/Schema/Result/ should be after schema
loader mark

4. Also, when you make Koha::Checkout base for Koha::Old::Checkout, you should
also define relations 'borrower' and 'item' in Koha::Schema::OldIssue

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